Here are pics of the different items that I have made. You can choose to have one like these or you can order something totally different! These are just some samples.

Custom Dolls
These are my new obsession and favorite thing to make. There are before and after pics of each doll. Each outfit is custom made and most of the time, the entire doll is unrecognizable from the beginning stage. I put my heart into each doll. Have a dream doll or alteration in mind? I'd love to help!
Doll Pictures

Decorative Pillows
I started making these pillows about a month or so ago. They are pretty simple, but I'm always trying to learn harder and more difficult things to do with them. Have a look?
Pillow Pictures

Purses (Coming Soon)

Website Design
I have been designing websites for about 5 years now. As you can tell in my samples, I love dark colors like black and red, but I can use any colors/scheme that you like! I can do frames, Iframes, regular scrolling layouts, picture backgrounds, color backgrounds, php, etc.
Scrolling Layout
Twilight Angel
IFrames with stationary background
Everlasting Moonlight
Scrolling Background that grows to fit your text
Tafkate's Football Home