This is the pillow section of Underworld Fantasies. This pic is of the first two pillows I ever made. They are red and white fabric. I think they are 9 in by 9 in square pillows.
Red Square Pillow Pics

Cat Pillows with Tassles
I made these two pillows for my mom because she loves cats.
Cats with Tassles
Cats with Tassles 2

Pink Pillow with Lace
I made this pillow for my sister. She loves pink and lace. :)
Pink with Lace
Pink with Lace 2

I have also made a pretty winter horse pillow, but I don't have pics of it yet. Will update when I do. I have also made two angel pillows for my sister and Mother in law and a motorcycle one for my nephew. Disney princess was for my neice, but I didn't think to take any pics of them before I gave them away. :(