Prices for my work vary for each order. The more specific and detailed you want something to be, the more it will cost. If you want to order something, please hit Contact at the top of the page to email me and be detailed about what you are interested in. I will check things out and give you an estimate. If I have to go out and get supplies, I will check prices before I buy anything. I will give you a total and then you can send payment through Paypal or personal check or money order. I WON'T START YOUR ORDER UNTIL YOU PAY!!!!!!

Starting prices for custom dolls
Doll prices start at $20 and then you need to pay for fabric and materials that will be used as well.

Starting Prices for Pillows
Pillows start at $10 each. You will need to pay for fabric as well, but unless you want a huge pillow order, they won't go over $20 each.

Starting Prices for Websites
These are time consuming and I will need to work with you a lot to make sure you get what you want. Websites start at $15 and go up to $40. This includes FTP info and all graphics.